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What is The Cyborg Wolves?

The Cyborg Wolves is a genesis "profile picture" NFT project focused on community building and positivity. 


The Roadmap is ever-changing and will grow as the community and project grows!

Phase 1 (Almost Complete)

-Launch All Social Media Platforms

-Generate 5,555 Unique NFTs

-Successfully Mint Out

-Donation To TeamSeas

-Airdrops To Holders (In Progress)

Phase 2 (Next Up)

-Start Development Of Our Very Own Side-Scroller Game

-Release Game Beta To Random Holders

-Successfully Launch Game (Not Connected To Web3)

Phase 3

-Minting Of Full Moon Tokens

-Full Moon Tokens Will Be Used To Create "Mutant" Cyborg Wolves, Otherwise Known As Werewolves.

Phase 4 (Further Down The Road)

-Fully Functional Card Game Launched

-Web3 Integrated

-Use Your Wolves In Game And Play With Your Own Tokens

-Battle Royale/AI Game Modes


Phase 5 (Not Revealed)

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