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About The Founder


My name is Myles and I am a 14 year old high school student. I want to share my story and I hope it can inspire many young people who just need some inspiration to get going. I know when I started I needed this.

I was first introduced to cryptocurrency about a year ago by my uncle. I noticed he was trading Ethereum on his phone and I was very intrigued. He helped me set up my first cryptocurrency account to invest. I ended up putting most of my savings into random coins that I selected.

Some of these coins included $ETH, Litecoin, $AMP, and others that I did not know too much about at the time. This was a mistake and I ended up losing most of the investment due to poor trading and coin choices. This taught me a valuable lesson. Be patient.

A few months later, I started to notice NFTs trending everywhere on social media. As a young entrepreneur, I was fully intrigued to learn more about this. I dipped my toe into NFTs by starting with trading on the Polygon blockchain.


After two months of trading I realized that I understand how the space works and I can do this. I started with the SuperCyborgs and wanted to eventually build out a full brand and community under the "Cyborg" theme.

About a month and a half ago, I had the idea for The Cyborg Wolves generative collection. After over a month of learning, I was finally ready to move into the development of the collection.

Once the development was complete, it was time to spread the word. There was no marketing budget and so far $0 has been spent for these purposes. The fact that the collection went on to mint out in a little over 24 hours and has over 13 ETH in trade volume is incredible.

I can not thank the NFT Community enough for helping turn my dreams into a reality. Young people should feel empowered to follow their dreams and not hold back. I hope this can help at least 1 person take that risk and follow their dreams.


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